Abrasion / Sedimentation

The photobook Abrasion / Sedimentation deals with the construction of place through perceiving  geological and semantic layers. The book itself utilizes the process of layering to presage a structural transparency of apparently obvious information.
It describes a place and asks the question of its identity and identifiability. Image and text layer are separated seemingly formal, but penetrate and layer each other associatively. Both layers are beyond the concrete and narrative. They lure the viewer with fragments and snippets, pretend a whole. However, this whole thing is always the product of the individual constructing capacity of the viewer. Whether the land exists and where it is located is of little relevance. Text as image are abstracted and yet not without detail, thematic focus and realism. Landscape is visible and the attempt to recognize and decipher it is readable. The book is bordered by an essay from Stefan Höhne called: Die Genese der (neo)kybernetischen Landschaft (in german only).